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So you finally made it here, but what now? I can’t tell you that either…

First of all: I do write a lot. So if you hope to find copy & paste howtos or don’t like to read through my gibberish to find information, you probably will be happier with another blog 😉

A little back story: I wanted to have a private server in my home for a few years now, and since I replaced my ASUS eeePC with a new ASUS Zenbook UX21, I figured I could use the eee as a server. So I slapped Debian, AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP), a mail setup and WordPress on there and started messing around with it. It took me about two or thee weeks to get everything up and running the way I wanted it to (I did all that for the first time, aside from setting up Debian) and now I will post random things here that I learn.

You probably noticed that my homepage is pretty simple. I generally dislike fancy websites that use too much JavaScript and don’t look nice. I like my homepage simple as it is, but I have to say though, the moment I saw the standard WordPress theme (Twenty Eleven) I fell in love with it. It is rare that I really like a site layout, but this theme is gorgeous (just wanted to throw that out there).

What you’re going to find on this page: Everything I learn that may help someone else, mostly concerning Linux and electronics stuff, as well as personal things I feel someone might be interested in. Feel free to comment on all posts, whether it be to ask something, tell me I’m an idiot or contribute something useful.

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