About Me

My name is Peter Feichtinger, I live in Upper Austria and currently study Information Electronics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.

I’m interested in… anything technical basically. I like to tweak my Debian installations, tinker around with electronics stuff, go running or do some photography. My primary means of transportation is a bicycle, so I get a few kilometers together every year.

I use Windows 7 on my main computer, Debian stable on the server and Arch Linux on my laptop. I’m very satisfied with all of them, I think Windows 7 is the best Windows OS so far. Debian stable is, well, stable, but doesn’t always have the newest versions I would like, Arch Linux on the other hand is on the bleeding edge.

If you would like to know anything just post a comment or email me, I will try to check in every few days at least.

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