Welcome to the feichti.net test server.

This is a private Debian server that has been running since January 2015 on a small Mini-ITX box and an ASUS Eee PC 1001PQ before that. I use it for learning the basics of how webservers, FTP servers and mail systems work, and how to configure them. It is also planned to be of some use for my private file transfer needs or something like that. And I can also test websites that I develop with the help of friends, since I don't know everything yet ;-)

Content will be added here as it is created (maybe there will be a news feed sometime).
Feel free to look around and check in once in a while, but don't break anything (but notify me if you could break something).

Restricted content.


News regarding this site, content and stuff like that.

The fan on the trusty old Eee PC died, which was less catastrophic than I feared. The server is now a small Mini-ITX box with more power and an SSD.
This page is in need of a little update. I've been planning for a while to change the style to something a little prettier but also simple...
I recently moved to a new apartment in Linz and of course took the server with me. I expected the speed to become better, but unfortunately that's not the case.
I just finished moving most of the settings from pezo.mine.nu to feichti.net. If you encounter any oddities, let me know.
Finally, I got a new ISP and a static IP address!
Added some lists.
Added Am Schneesee, a funny german poem by Franz Fühmann.
The register page is finished, you can now register for mail and FTP accounts.
Many news at once:
  • I finished configuring the blog, check it out.
  • I finished configuring FTP access, but I have yet to make a registration page.
  • The new internet connection is a step closer, I talked to my dad and he approved.
It turns out my ISP is blocking port 25 (SMTP) so I'll be moving to another one soon (static IP, yay!).
I finally finished setting up the mail server, but receiving mails is not possible yet.
Inception of the server.
About Me / Impressum

I'm a software engineer and student from Upper Austria, currently 33 years old.
My interests include computers (duh!), sports (slacklining, running) and all kinds of technical stuff (e.g. electronics).

Contact details:

  • Postal address:
    • Peter Feichtinger
    • Hauptstraße 39a
    • 4040 Linz, Austria
  • email: peter@feichti.net

Here I will list all software, scripts and bits and pieces I'm using on this site.
A big thanks to: